DJ D8 is an Italian DJ born in Trieste, Italy. He began his career in 2006 playing in small venues, but with his passion for music and success his ambition pushed him forward causing him to standout amongst the other DJ’s.  He played music all over Italy from North to South, but he is also very interested in playing music in other countries to meet new venues and situations. Thanks to his high-level mixing and passion for music, he is collaborating with various American brands. He plays a major part in branding The Eclypse Oils Group (Eclypse Body Oils/Eclypse Modeling) with the founder Winnick Blain of Miami, Florida. He has also landing a premier position with Empire Radio Magazine as the International DJ with Shawn Weigh (Jay Shawn) of the South Bronx of New York City. He’s one of those select DJs that can play any genre of music from hip hop to Afrobeats from reggae-ton to top40.

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