Deejay Kamaa


Kennedy Kamau aka Deejay Kamaa career in entertainment industry began in different clubs in Kenya where he was a Dj. His love of journalism took root in those early days of high school and then during campus life while studying journalism and attending different shows i.e. WAPI at the British Council in Nairobi, Kenya. And it wasn’t long before Deejay’s Kamaa passion for telling stories and reporting, took him to Uganda and was employed by HiPipo Media, while there he also worked with different media and entertainment companies namely World Casting Television in Italy and Japan. 

Deejay Kamaa’s arrival at Empire Radio Magazine coincided with some of the biggest events to shape the African continent in decades. As a Principal Presenter, Deejay Kamaa brought the stories of the African entertainment across the globe and also interviewing world renowned celebrities visiting Africa for the first time and also conducting different charities. 

Deejay Kamaa’s long career has also taken him around the world talking to newsmakers and influential figures like Jamaican reggae and dancehall artists ie Grammy Winners Morgan Heritage, Cecile, Chris Martin, Senegalese-American Musician Akon, and Africa’s top CEO who are changing the digital market like Kamal Budhabati.

When he’s not at Empire Radio Magazine headquarters, Deejay Kamaa is a businessman, Chicken and horse farmer. Deejay Kamaa was born in Kenya where he spent his childhood before relocating later in his adult life.

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