Omar Sy: Focus on a French Actor fulfilling the American Dream!

omarr syNobody would predict Omar Sy’s destiny…

Born in Trappes, France, Sy is the fourth of eight children raised  by a  Senegalese father who worked in a factory, and Mauritanian mother who was a cleaning woman.

Sy started as a funny TV humourist. His Tv show Omar & Fred, where Sy and comedian Fred Testot take turns posing as wacky customers complaining about strange things and phone-company receptionists taking the calls, was one of the most popular TV show in France. He used to played little roles in French movies from 2000 to 2011.

Today, Omar Sy is best known for the French movie The Intouchables. The most successful French-language film ever made has turned him into an international star. Sy beat Jean Dujardin‘s ‘The Artist and received the Best Actor César, which made him become at the same time the first black actor to receive the supreme French reward.

Later, the movie has been released in the United States as well and remade in English with Colin Firth in the role played by acclaimed French actor François Cluzet. The Intouchables has also been distributed in many other foreign countries.

Now living in Los Angeles with his wife and 4 kids, Omar Sy is more and more popular in America.

omar sy bishopHis international career has been launched with his role in the movie X-Men : Days of Future Past (2013) where he plays the role of a mutant called Lucas Bishop. Sy has had a chance to play alongside great actors like Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender. The film X Men: Days of Future Past is one that has had the greatest success among the X-Men saga, something to be proud of  as a French actor starred in it.

Omar Sy is expected in the upcoming movie Jurassic Park. At the moment, only his participation in the casting is confirmed, although we do not know yet what role the frenchy will interpret. Nevertheless, it is a big production that could lead to an Oscar one day.

The Afro-French actor will also star in the american film Good People, by the Danish Henrik Ruben Gez. In this movie, he plays the role of a villain who threatens actors James Franco and Kate Hudson.

The Candy Store is another movie that counts Sy as part of the cast, playing a pimp. The thriller,directed by Stephen Gaghan is expected in 2015 and features the actors Robert De Niro, Christoph Waltz and Jason Clarke.

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